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Animal welfare organisations, humane

societies, charitable trusts, animal rescue homes, shelters, pinjarapols and gaushalas in INDIA 


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Jammu and Kashmir



Jammu & Kashmir SPCA

H.o. Gadigarh, Opp. Karan Bagh, R.s. Pura, Road

JAMMU - 181 101, Jammu & Kashmir, India.

Tel: + 91 (191) 262 028

Email: drzafferaman@yahoo.com

Fields of activity: Experimentation; Biotechnology; Birds; Cats; Dogs; Entertainment; Environment; Fur; Equines; Animal Transport; Wildlife



Jammu SPCA

SPCA Branch Kashmir, 38 PVT Jawahar Nagar

SRINAGAR, Jammu & Kashmir, India.


Kashmir SPCA

C/o Ramesh Kumar Giggo, Kaviraj Building, 1 Fl., Amira-kadal,

SRINAGAR - 190 001, Jammu & Kashmir, India. 






Jamshedpur Animal Welfare Society - JAWS

92-H6, Straight Mile Road, Sakchi

JAMSHEDPUR - 831 001, Jharkhand, India.

Tel: + 91 (657) 432 480/243 2480

Email: jaws@tatanagar.com

Fields of activity: Experimentation; Birds; Dogs; Environment; Animal Transport; Vegetarianism; Wildlife; Shelter 


Jamshedpur Animal Welfare Society - Jaws

L4/30, Cross Road No.14, Agrico, Jamshedpur

JHARKHAND - 831 009, India.

Tel: + 91 (657) 432 480

Email: jawsindia@hotmail.com



Honorary Animals Welfare Officer

Jharkhand Dr. Arun Kumar Jha No. 92H6, Staight Mile
Road, Sakchi Jamshedpur, East Singhbhum - 831001 Jharkhand
Phone: 06572231480 & 9431373976



HOPE & Animal Trust

205, Malabar Resort, Anantpur (Overbridge)

Ranchi- 834002, Jharkhand, India

Phone: 9431171929, (651)- 2252136

Email: hopeandanimal@gmail.com

Wesite: http://www.helppeopleandanimal.org/

Activities: Supporting other NGOs in vaccination,
sterilization and adoption programmes, shelter for dogs and large animals.

Jharkand SPCA

D.t.2035 Dhurva

RANCHI, Jharkand, India. 


Helping Organisation for People, Environment & Animal Trust (HOPE & Animal Trust)

C/o Mr S P Singh, House # 21, Road # 1, Mandir Marg, Birsa Nagar,
Birsa Chowk, Ranchi-834 003, JharkhandI ndia

Phone: +91-9431171929 or 9234310050

Email: hopeandanimal@gmail.com

Fields of activity: Cats; Dogs; Environment; No-kill Shelter; Spay/Neuter Program; Pet Adoption; Animal Control



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A fly, sir, may sting a stately horse, and make him wince;

but one is but an insect, and the other a horse still.
  - Samuel Johnson


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