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Animal welfare organisations, humane

societies, charitable trusts, animal rescue homes, shelters, pinjarapols and gaushalas in INDIA 


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Kerala (continued)



MRA-11, Mundakkal (M),  Kollam-691001, Kerala, India 
Phone: 0474-2747880
Email: pfakollam@yahoo.com

Website: www.pfa-klm.co.nr

Activities: Mobile veterinary clinic, ambulance, animal hospital, awareness campaign, free veterinary camps,  animal birth control programme, pet adoption, stray dog vaccination, animal rights.


Kollam SPCA

Dist.Vety.Centre Campus, Olai, Thevally

KOLLAM - 691 009, Kerala, India.



Kottayam SPCA

'Kartika',Devalokam PO

KOTTAYAM - 686 038, Kerala, India



Smart Association

S.P. Line 21/4

MALAMPUZHA - 678 651, Kerala, India.

Tel: + 91 (491) 281 5620  Fax: + 91 (491) 281 5620

Email: prasanthkg@yahoo.co.in

Fields of activity: Biotechnology; Cats; Dogs; Environment; Farm Animals; Equines; Marine Animals; Primates; Animal Transport; Vegetarianism; Vegan; Wildlife; No-kill Shelter; Spay/Neuter Program; Foster Homes; Pet Adoption; Animal Control 



Malappuram SPCA

Veterinary Poly Clinic, Malappuram

MANJERI - 676 121, Kerala, India.



Palghat (Palakkad) SPCA

Veterinary Hospital Road

PALGHAT 678 001, Kerala, India.



Kerala Animal Lovers' Assn.

'bhasuram,' Post Office Road, P.O. Shoranur

SHORANUR - 679 121, Kerala, India.

Tel: + 91 (471) 451 212



People For Animals

Ms Leela Latheef, "Karthika", Anayara, Trivandrum-695029, Kerala
Ph: 0471 - 2742378, 2740748, pfa2002tvm@yahoo.com, leelalatheef@yahoo.com, www.pfatvm.in
Latha I. 9447050258, 2450258, 2473935, Maria Jacob 9847592099
Hari S. Kumar, ADVOCATE - 9447010001, 2447292



Ayyanthole SPCA

Koushthuhham, P.O. Fithruth

TRICHUR - 680 611, Kerala, India.



Animal Rescue Kerala (ARK)

Chanalkara Road, P.O. Kovalam, Trivandrum, Kerala - 695523, India

Phone: 0471-2796202, 6451661

E-mail: info@animalrescuekerala.org, iarkerala@yahoo.co.uk      

Website: www.animalrescuekerala.org

Activities: Animal birth control program, veterinary hospital, abandoned pet dogs, education centre, pet adoption, animal ambulance.


Kerala Animal Lovers' Association

305 Nandini Garden Fort, Trivandrum - 695 023,

Kerala, India.

Tel: + 91 (471) 245 1212

Fields of activity: Birds; Environment; Farm Animals; Animal Transport; Vegetarianism


Thiruvananthapuram SPCA

Dt.Very.Centre (SPCA Hospital) P.M.G.Jnct, Thiruvananthapuram

TRIVANDRUM - 695 033, Kerala, India.



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The dog has seldom been successful in pulling man up to its level of sagacity,

but man has frequently dragged a dog down to his.
- James Thurber


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