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Animal welfare organisations, humane

societies, charitable trusts, animal rescue homes, shelters, pinjarapols and gaushalas in INDIA 


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Andhra Pradesh (continued)



Blue Cross Animal & Environment Welfare Society

Flat No. 204, Kailash Apartments, Siripuram

VISAKHAPATNAM - 530003, Andhra Pradesh, India.


E-Mail : bluecrosssociety@yahoo.com,   bc_pratap@yahoo.com

Fields of activity: Experimentation; Biotechnology; Birds; Cats; Dogs; Entertainment; Environment; Equines; Marine Animals; Primates; Animal Transport; Vegetarianism; Wildlife; Spay/Neuter Program; Pet Adoption; Animal Control. 


People For Animals -Visakhapatnam

18/132, Chandra Nagar, Gopalapatnam, Visakhapatnam-530027,

Andhra Pradesh, India.

Phone: 9490425047
Email: ramji6187@yahoo.com
Activities: Spreading awareness about animal welfare, animal camps,
and humane education. 


Visakha SPCA

26-15-200, Main Road, Visakhapatnam - 530 001, Andhra Pradesh, India

Hospital: Marikavalasa, Pardesipalen, Visakhapatnam

Phone : (891)- 3296217, 2564759,2716124

Phone: 891- 3295522, 2001046 

Email: info@visakhaspca.org

Website: http://visakhaspca.org/

Activities: Veterinary hospital, animal birth control programme for dogs and cats, aviary, cattery, wildlife protection, cow dispensary, cow sanctuary, sea turtle protection, migratory bird protection, natural disaster rescue.


Head Office: The Corbett Foundation,405, 
International Trade Tower, Nehru Place, New Delhi- 110019, India 
Tel: (91-11) 41608505
Fax: (91-11) 41608506 
Email: corbett_foundation@yahoo.com
Field Office: Village & Post Office- Dhikuli, Ramnagar- 244715,
Dist.- Nainital, Uttarakhand, India
Phone: 05947- 284156, 251880


Activities: wildlife conservation through community awareness.
Honorary Animals Welfare Officer
Murala Venkateswarlu,D.No.76/8/1-16/4,
Vijayawada - 520012 Andhra Pradesh 



Kakatiya SPCA

H.No.11-27-10, S.B.H.Colony No.4

WARRANGAL - 506 012, Andhra Pradesh, India 





Nature's Beckon

Ward No. 1

DHUBRI - 783301, Assam, India.

Tel: + 94 (373) 325 505

Fax: + 94 (3662) 30 076

Email: info@naturesbeckon.com



People For animals, Guwahati, Assam

‘Goswamis’, House No. 35, Nowjan  Road, Uzan Bazar, Guwahati – 781001

Phone: (0361) 2730652,  2334850,

(Mobile): 9435013328, 9854470021, 9854152789.

Hospital cum Shelter: Hengrabari, VIP Road, Guwahati – 781036.

Email: sangeeta_goswami2003@yahoo.com

Website: www.pfaassam.org

Activities: Animal hospital (operation theatre, sonography,  X-Ray etc.), animal ambulance (24 hours), pet adoption, animal shelter, shelter for birds (proposed), vaccination camps, sterilisation of stray animals, awareness, animal rights, wildlife rescue, vegetarianism.



Honorary Animals Welfare Officer

Prasad Sinha Office of the District A.H.
& Veterinary Officer,Kamrup, Chenikuthi,Guwahati-03 Assam




Honorary Animals Welfare Officer

Elvin Baruah North Guwahati, Dihing
Satra, Deepdar Rd.,Assam-781 030Assam
Phone:0361-2691948 & 08876462325


State SPCA, Assam

Office of the District Animal Husbandry & Vet. Officer Kamrup, Chenikuthi, Guwahati - 781003, Assam, India.

Phone: 09435013328

Activities: Free animal treatment camps, action in cases of cruelty to animals, awareness.



4 – Kanaklata Path, Survey, Beltola, Guwahati – 781028 Assam, India.

Phone: (Office P.P): 0361-2269811, (Mobile): 9954449528.

Relief Centre: JBF Animal Relief Centre

4 – Chandan Nagar, Survey, Beltola, Guwahati – 781028 Assam, India.

Phone: (Mobile): 9954449528, 9957275240

E-mail: jbfindia@gmail.com

Website: www.jbfcharity.org

24 Hours Emergency Telephone No: 9954449528

Activities: JBF Animal Relief Centre - Treatment cell with OPD, operation theatre, rehabilitation and recovery facility for suffering homeless animals, Animal Birth Control (ABC) Program, special health  check-up drives, free mobile animal clinic for emergency medical help to animals at Guwahati, awareness and sensitization programs, awareness drives amongst school children, disaster relief.

Azam for Animals
107/C, Railway Colony, New Guwahati - 781021, 
Assam, India.
Phone: 9435048481,
9999669481, 997169481

Email: azamsiddiqui@animail.net , azam24x7@gmail.com

Website: http://www.freewebs.com/azamsiddiqui

Activities: Animal welfare, animal rights.



Hailakandi SPCA

Ashram Road, PO & Dt.,

HAILAKANDI - 788 151, Assam, India.


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