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       Read some excellent articles concerning various animal-related issues.  They have been selected after going through hundreds of such articles on the internet.  More and more articles will be added to the list from time to time.

Pet Care              Animal-Human Relationship

Pet Health            Animal Welfare

Wild Life


Pet Care

This year save hundreds of lives

How to travel safely with your pet

Protect your cat from accidental falls

Guidelines for Responsible Horse Guardianship

How to keep your companion canine happy and healthy.

Rabbit Care

How to manage claws of a cat

Letting the Cat Out... Or Not

How to introduce two cats

How to handle your cat

Guinea Pig Care

Tips to keep your horse healthy and happy

Basics of taking good care of your cat

Ill effects of chaining your pet  

How to Control Chewing Behavior in Dogs
How to Choose a Dog Trainer

Don't leave your pet in a parked car

Caring for your cat: The Top Ten Essentials

Choosing a Good Boarding Kennel

General horse care guidelines

Bathing your dog

First aid for pets

Handling your dog

How to Find Your Lost Pet

Hot Weather Tips for Pet Care

10 Tips for Adopting Birds



Pet Health


Emergency Pet Preparedness

Pet Nutrition I - Growing animals

Pet Nutrition II - Reproductive stage

Pet Nutrition III - Old age

Cold Weather Tips For Pets

Why dogs eat grass

Taking care of your dog's health


Animal-Human Relationship


Top Ten Ways to Prevent Animal Cruelty

Preparing the Cat for a New Baby

Adopting a stray cat

New Standards - Are you as good as your dog?

How to use your dog's name

If dogs were teachers

How to select an appropriate name for your dog

A dog's prayer

Why does your dog lick your hands and face?

Your pet can heal you- I:

Physical & mental health benefits of pets

Your pet can heal you-II:

Psychological, emotional & social benefits of pets

Why your dog wags its tail?

Understanding what your cat says

Pets' bill of rights

What dogs do for us


Animal Welfare


10 good things you can do today

Do's and don'ts of helping animals

If you are a kind hearted person

What animal welfare organizations do


Wild Life


Enjoy the company of birds

100 tips to attract birds



If you don't want to be beaten, imprisoned, mutilated, killed or tortured, then you shouldn't condone such behaviour towards anyone, be they human or not.



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