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If you are a kind-hearted person 


H.S. Dhiman


Do you have  a soft corner for animals?  Does the sight of a hungry dog, an injured cat and a thirsty bird disturb you? Do you want to do something to mitigate their pain?  You can greatly help these poor creatures without stepping out of  your house and without spending a single penny.   

Do any or all the things mentioned below.  A small kind gesture on your part can make a difference of life and death for some animal, somewhere. 

Create awareness.  Many people would like to help the animals if only they were aware of their plight.  Talk to your family and friends about the need to support the cause of stray animals and wild birds.  You can also help by e-mailing  pro-animal articles to a friend.  

Tell the people who can help.  If you see a sick or injured animal, request an animal welfare organization in your town to send an ambulance.   They will take care of the rest of the things.   

Grow a tree.  All birds need protection from the vagaries of weather and also a place to raise a family.  Trees and bushes provide both.  

Quench their thirst.  A large number of birds die due to non-availability of drinking water, especially in the summer season.   Place a bird bath in your lawn, at the roof of your house or in your balcony.  Also provide water to stray dogs and cats in a vessel placed outside your house. 

Take it up with the authorities.  When you feel there is something that should be done by your city council for the survival of stray animals and wildlife, donít hesitate to write to them. 

Donate if you can.  If you can spare some money for a noble cause, donate it to an organization  committed to the animal welfare.  There are thousands of such organizations in the world.  There must be one in your own town.  

Do something today.  Speak out for the speechless creatures.  Get in touch with the like-minded people. Give some water to the thirsty birds or a bowl of food to a hungry dog.  Buy online from establishments that contribute for the welfare of animals and make life a little easier for the less fortunate animals.  E-mail pro-animal articles to a friend, and donate to an animal welfare organization. 

Believe me, doing good to the animals in distress makes you feel good about yourself.   

It is a great feeling.   

Try it.


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