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This year save hundreds of lives
H.S. Dhiman

Picture of a crow drinking water     Every year a large number of birds and stray animals die due to the ill effects of dehydration. It is mainly the result of the so called development and beautification drives, which are drying up the natural sources of water.

     It is not only during hot summer days that animals need drinking water. Like humans, they need it everyday, throughout the year. But it is nowhere there. If you have seen the stray cows and dogs desperately licking the foul-smelling water seeping out of a gutter, you can well imagine their plight.

     Everyone of us can make a dramatic change in this sad situation by a simple act of kindness - put up water bowls.

     Put up water bowls on your roof, in a window, in the balcony, on the road, in a park anywhere. It will be preferable to use earthen pots for the purpose. They don't tilt and are less likely to be stolen.

     Soon your water bowls will attract many thirsty cows, dogs and cats, birds of different species, squirrels, chameleons, honey bees, wasps and grasshoppers.

     You will then realize that a small effort on your part is saving hundreds of innocent lives.

     It is so simple. It is so satisfying.

     Do it today.                                      

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