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Jyoteshwar Panjarapole Gauseva Mandal At Post-Done
Disit. Kutch Gujarat

Khedoi Panjarapole at Post-Khedoi Tal-Anjar
Dist. Kutch Gujarat


Kothra Panjarapole Trust at Post-Kothara Tal-Abdasa
Pin.370 645 Dist. Kutch Gujarat


Kutch (Durgapur) Navagam Panjarapole at Post-Durgapur
Tal-Mandvi Pin.370 440 Dist. Kutch Gujarat


Kutch Mandvi Panjarapole & Gaushala at Post-Mandvi
Pin.370 465 Dist. Kutch Gujarat


Kutch Mundra Panjarapole & Gaaushala at Post-Mundra
Pin.370 421 Dist. Kutch Gujarat


Kutch Vadala, Bombay Mahajan at Post-Vadala
Via-Gundala, Tal-Mundra Pin.370 410 Dist. Kutch Gujarat


Kutch-Vagad Lakadia Panjarapole at Post-Lakadia Tal-Bhachau
Dist. Kutch Gujarat


Lakhtar Panjarapole Near Patdi Darwaja Lakhtar
Pin.382 775 Dist. Kutch Gujarat


Moti Rudrani Jagir Gaushala Trust at Post-Kutaria Tal-Bhuj
Pin.370 001 Dist. Kutch Gujarat


Nakhatrana Gauseva Kendra Piyoni, Mothala Road
At Post-Nakhatrana Pin.370 615 Dist. Kutch Gujarat


Nalia Panjarapole at Post-Naliya Tal-Abdasa Pin.370 655
Dist. Kutch Gujarat


Ratadia Panjarapole at Post-Ratadia Tal-Mundra Pin.370 410

Dist. Kutch Gujarat


Ashapuramata Panjarapole Seva Trust at Post-Nanaratadia
Taluka-Mandvi Dist. Kutch Gujarat


Jainacharya Shri Ajramalji Swami Gaushala Trust Via; Adesar at
Post-Momai Mora Tal-Rapar Pin.370 165 Dist. Kutch Gujarat


Jakhau Panjarapole C/O Bhanukumar Dharamshi Tulsidas
At Post-Jakhau, Tal-Abdasa Pin.370 640 Dist. Kutch Gujarat


Kandagara Panjarapole at Post-Kandagara Tal-Mundra
Pin.370 435 Dist. Kutch Gujarat


Kutch Narayan Sarovar Gaushala & Panjarapole Dheba Falia
Tal-Bhuj (Kutch) Pin.370 001 Dist. Kutch Gujarat


Nagavladia Gaaushala Panjarapole Trust at Post-Nagavladia
Tal-Anjar Pin.370210 Dist. Kutch Gujarat


Nakhartrana Taluka Patidar Seva Sangh Lakhpat Road Highway
Manthal, Tal-Nakhatrana Pin.370 605 Dist. Kutch Gujarat


Nathubhabha Tal Patidar Seva Sangh at Post-Mathal
Pin-370 605 Dist. Kutch Gujarat


Sangh (Chetan Gramkul) at Post-Ratadia Tal-Mundra
Pin.370410 Dist. Kutch Gujarat


Vardhman Jivdaya Kendra at Post-Luni, tal-Mundra
Pin.370 410 Dist. Kutch Gujarat


Suthri Panjarapole at Post-Suthri Tal-Abdasa
Pin-370 460 Dist. Kutch Gujarat


Tera Panjarapole at Post-Tera Tal-Abdasa
Pin. 370 660 Dist. Kutch Gujarat


Shri Akhil Kutch Panjrapol & Goshala Federation Post Box No.17, Mandvi
Dist. Kutch Gujarat


Bechraji Mahajan Panjarapole Sanstha at Post-Bechraji
Tal-Chanasma Pin.384 210 Dist. Mehsana(N.G.) Gujarat


Chansma Mahajan Panjarapole at Post-Chansma Dist. Mehsana Gujarat


Harij Panjarapole Mahajan Sanstha at Post-Harij Pin.384 240
Dist. Mehsana Gujarat


Kadi Panjarapole Sharaf Bazar At Post-Kadi Pin.382 715
Dist. Mehsana(N.G.) Guarat


Kalol Panjarapole Mandal Sansthan Panjarapole Bazar Panch Hathdi Bazar
At Post-Kalol Pin.382 721 Dist. Mehsana Gujarat


Linch Mahajan Panjarapole at Post-Linch, Station-Jagudan
Pin.384 435 Dist. Mehsana Gujarat


Mehsana Panjarapol Sanstha Near Azad Chowk, Panjarapole Lan
Pin.383 001 Dist. Mehsana Gujarat


Modhera Jivdaya Panjarapole Sanstha at Post-Modhera
Tal-Chanasma Dist. Mehsana Gujarat


Panjarapole Sariyad at Post-Sariyad Tal-Patan
Dist.Mehsana Gujarat.


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The bird of paradise alights only on the hand that does not grasp.

 - John Berry


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