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Gaushala Pinjer Poll (Regd.)H.O. Tanda Road. District Jalandhar, Punjab


Sh.Thakurdwara Gaushala, Qila Road. Shahkot. District Jalandhar, Punjab
Phone: Kasturi Lal Arora 01821-260703


Sh.Gaushala Committee. Kartarpur. District Jalandhar, Punjab
Phone: Vijay Aggarwal Kishore Aggarwal. 98156-02023 98181-53215


Hindu Rakshni Sabha (Regd.) Gaushala Sh.Vinderaban Dham, Haryana Road.
District Hoshiarpur, Punjab
Phone: 01882-2392 Vishwamittar, Vishnu Digamber Sood.
01882-238223, 98143-84183 ,98144-07169

Sh.Gaushala Varindaban Wali Kutia. Village Binewal. District

Hoshiarpur, Punjab

Phone: 01884-265200 SwamiKrishna Nand Ji. 92165-01253
98172-82723 , 94172-65490


Sh.Krishan Gaushala Backside Dana Mandi. Garh Shankar. District Hoshiarpur, Punjab
Phone: Avinash Sharma.  01884-282391, 98556-67236


Gobind Gaudham Gaushala. Kapurthala, Punjab
Phone: Rakesh Chopra. 01822-230079 01822-230079 98141-30078


Sh.Krishan 01822-230079 Shiv Mandir, Talab Ararion, Mehli Gate.
Phagwara. District Kapurthala, Punjab
Dr.Rakesh Gosian Surinder Verma.
Phone:  98170-33881, 98142-54957


Sh. 01822-230079 Bansawala Bazaar, 01822-230079 Road.
Phagwara. District Kapurthala, Punjab
Narinder Kumar Sirewala. Bhagwan Singh.Phone: 01824-507091


Sh.Sukhjit 01822-230079 Dana Mandi Road. Sultanpur Lodhi.

District Kapurthala, Punjab
Phone:  Parmod Gupta. 98145-33752


Sati Laxmi 01822-230079 Trust, Smadh Road. Batala.

District Gurdaspur, Punjab
Phone:  01871-240132 Babu Ram Sharma Ram Kumar Aggarwal.
01871-221286, 01871-242900, 240888


Dayanand Math 01822-230079. Dina Nagar District Gurdaspur, Punjab
Phone:  Swami Sarbanand Maharaj. 01871-240110


Ram Tirth Gaushala District Amritsar, Punjab
Phone:  Tara Chand Sharma. 0183-2565896


Pinjer Pole Gaushala., Ghee Mandi. District Amritsar, Punjab
Phone:  Murari Batra 0183-2482784, 2501591

Sh. Gaushala. Patti Village Patti  District Amritsar, Punjab


Sh. Gaushala Village Ajnala  District Amritsar, Punjab


Gaushala Shivala Lala Ram Krishan Sood Soc. District Moga, Punjab
Phone: 01636-394400 Joginder Pal Sood 98150-14357


Sh.Gopal Gaushala Gandhi Road, Moga. District Moga, Punjab


Khuli Gaushala., Chanowal Road Village.Bagha Purana District Moga, Punjab
Phone: Krishan Lal 01676-240774(S)


Khuli Gaushala., Jang Singh Wala Road. Village.Bagha Purana.
District Moga, Punjab
Phone: Gulshan Kumar. 01636-240495


Apahaz Gaushala Village Bodhewal District Moga, Punjab
Phone: Kartar Singh 01636-220939(PP)


Sh. Gaushala Committee Nabha District Patiala, Punjab
Phone: 01765-221079 Suraj Bhan Singla Jawaha Gupta
01765-222852, 98554-80042, 93163-24563


Niswarth Sewa Society Baba Manjni Ram Gaushala, Matura Colony
District Patiala, Punjab
Phone: Sanjiv Jain 0175-2212745 0175-2320523 (R )


Gau Raksha Smiti, Cloth Market District Patiala, Punjab
Phone: Harish Mlhotra 0175-2218526


Gopal Gau Sadan, Bari Nadi Road V Chora District Patiala, Punjab
Phone: Ashwani Garg 98726-70411 98723-89898, 98140-37183


Sh. Kisan Gaushala Nagar Panchayat Village Ghanaur District Patiala, Punjab
Phone: 01762-267453 Surinder Puri 98154-94253

Sh. Gaushala Committee Pataran District Patiala, Punjab
Surinder Kumar Lachman Dass
Phone: 01764-242256, 98727-79221, 01764-242071


Sh. Aggarwal Gaushala old Bus Stand Samana District Patiala, Punjab
01764-220963 Tej Parkash Singla Dharampal Dinash Singla
Phone: 94170-13967, 94170-36563, 98760-80151


Sh. Anath Gaushala gopal Bhawan Samana city District Patiala, Punjab
Phone: Vijay Dabur 94170-13307 01764-222207 223107


Anath Gaushala Managing Committee Village Ghaga T. Samana

District Patiala, Punjab
01764-252259 Nawroop Kumar Ramesh Kumar
Phone: 98154-70781, 01764-222913, 98764-84318


Sh.Ram Gaushala Village Duggal T. Samana District Patiala, Punjab
Phone: Surinder Kumar 01764-242256 242421 (R ) 98727-79221



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A fly, sir, may sting a stately horse, and make him wince;

but one is but an insect, and the other a horse still.
  - Samuel Johnson


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