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         Any organization,  however efficient it may be, cannot expect to succeed in its endeavor without the support of like-minded people.  We are no exception.  Our dream is to make this world a better living place for animals.   It may be your dream too.  Please join us.



Application Form for Membership of We For Animals 

I am an animal lover and wish to join We For Animals.  I hereby undertake to do any or all of the following: 

1.                  Provide water to animals and/or birds.

2.                  Provide food to animals and/or birds.

3.                  Raise my voice against acts of cruelty to animals.

4.                  Take up the issues, that are vital to the welfare of animals, with the concerned authorities.

5.                  Take appropriate action to help animals/birds who are ill or injured or otherwise in distress (like informing the nearest animal welfare organization, calling animal ambulance, etc)

6.                  Donate money for the activities aimed at welfare/protection of animals/birds/wildlife. 

I understand that as a Member, I shall be (1) informed about the updates on the weforanimals.com, (2) apprised of the developments/issues that are relevant in the context of animal welfare, and (3) requested to attend to/handle the local issues concerning protection of animals and prevention of cruelty to them.    

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