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Mica or Miss Grump Face


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Name of the owner



Mica or Miss Grump Face




Domestic shorthair bi-color (grey and white)




 6 to 7 years.


Tuna juice, treats, beef and turkey Gerber food, Purina dried food.


Sitting on top of the dirty laundry, seeking attention on her own terms, playing with Nefarion, cuddling with her sister, cleaning herself, watching the birds in the widows, laying in the basement by herself or seeking love from my boyfriend via his beard. She loves to talk, is very independent, and is curious by nature.


As a kitten she chose me, as I only wanted one kitten and I had already picked out her sister. She had other intentions, as she climbed up the couch and found her way on my shoulder, where she has been ever since. She is very independent, but does prefer men over women.









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