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Nefarion (Ferry, Neferbutt, or Furball)




Orange and white Longhaired




 Two years of age


Catnip, treats, wet cat food, and Purina dried.


He loves to play, snuggle, hog the air conditioning, ham up for the camera, finding trouble, chasing the girls, wrestling with George, sneaking out of the house, lying on the porch or one of the widows, loves attention, he seems intrigued with fire and water. He enjoys receiving new cat toys and using his scratch pad on our furniture.


We adopted Nefarion from the local no kill animal shelter as a gift for my birthday. He is quite the character! He is both a lover and a fighter. If you push him too far, he will let you know. He loves to lick and bite your nose, fingers ears or toes when you are sleeping and NOT paying attention to him.


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I love cats because I love my home and after a while they become its visible soul.   - Jean Cocteau


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