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 # 5276/B sec 38 west, Chandigarh, India


Golden Labrador Retriever






He simply loves ice-creams , eggs, cheese, Chicken, liver and tends to eat food very rarely without milk.


Sleeping, playing the sniff-and-get game, playing with his toys like his yellow duck, fetching and of course, eating anything edible.


He's the biggest gift. I've got
from God in my entire life. I had been praying for a golden Labrador  all my childhood and couldn't get it, and here was this sweet, huge doggie, abandoned by some cold hearted beast, standing right in front of my door, with his melting chocolate eyes, and starving, bony tummy. How he made way into our family , we don't know, but now, we can't even think of our small family without thinking of him.


Annie & Jasmeet








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A dog may be man's best friend,  but the horse wrote history.


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