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                    Free thumbnail pictures of Birds 


       This Section of Free Thumbnail Pictures contains 16 pics of birds of different species - crows, pigeons, doves, babblers, mynas and bulbuls.  These good quality photos have been selected for your enjoyment and use.  More pics will be added in due course of time.  Please visit again.


                                (Please read Terms of Use)



picture of crow-1    picture of pigeon-1    picture of crow-2    picture of dove-1

Birds-1                          Birds-2                          Birds-3                           Birds-4



picture of dove-2    picture of crow-3    picture of dove-3    picture of dove-4

Birds-5                         Birds-6                           Birds-7                          Birds-8



picture of pigeon-2    picture of babbler-1    picture of pigeon-3    picture of pigeon-4

Birds-9                          Birds-10                        Birds-11                        Birds-12


picture of myna-1    picture of mynas-2    picture of  bulbul-1    picture of  bulbul-2

Birds-13                        Birds-14                        Birds-15                        Birds-16


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Terms of Use of Free Thumbnail Pictures

       The  thumbnail pictures of birds on this site are really FREE.  You may use them for your projects, reports, publications and even for your  web-site - whether personal or commercial.  You can use as many thumbnail pictures as you like.  However,  free use of these pictures is subject to a few simple conditions as mentioned below:

1.     The  pictures should not be used to make your own picture gallery.

2.     The pictures should not be sold.

3.     The pictures should not be used on a website that promotes hatred and violence or contains adult material.

4.     While using free thumbnail pictures, credit should be given to www.weforanimals.com





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- Sri Aurobindo, poet and philosopher

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