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100 Tips To Attract Birds



Bird feeders

   The easiest way to feed the birds is to put up bird feeders.

   Many types of feeders are available commercially. You can also build bird feeders yourself.

   It is not necessary to put up fancy feeders for the birds. A simple tray, a dish, or a cup will serve the purpose. However, many types of feeders are available in the market.  

   Put the bird feeders out of the way of cold winds and in a relatively quiet place.

  To make feeders more visible to the birds, scatter some seeds on the ground near the feeder.  

   If birds do not come to your feeders initially, do not worry. It usually takes a few days, or even weeks, for the birds to shed their fear and use a new feeder.

  If you scatter several feeders around and provide a variety of food, many kinds of birds will visit your garden.  

   Do not put out more seeds than what can be eaten by the birds by nightfall.

   Birds can fall ill on account of moldy feeds. Keep the seeds dry and dump out wet seeds from the feeders.  






   If you find an ill or a dead bird near a feeder, move the feeder a little distance away, remove the dead bird and clean the place so that infection does not spread to other birds.

   Report the sick bird to the wild life officer of your area.

   Clean the feeders regularly.

   As and when the ground under a feeder gets dirty on account of seed hulls and droppings, move the feeder a little away. Clean the area and allow the grass to recover.



  Provide fresh water to the birds. They need it throughout the year.

   Water may be offered to birds in a birdbath, a pond, a waterfall, a clay saucer or even a shallow dish.

   Take care that the birdbath does not tip.

   Birds are afraid of deep waters. A bird bath should not be deeper than 2-3 inches.

  Make the bottom of the birdbath rough so that the birds do not slip. Putting in concrete, sand, pebbles or small stone will also serve the same purpose.

To make birdbaths look beautiful and appealing to birds, encircle them with rocks or small logs.


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Enjoy the Company of Birds

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To my mind, the life of a lamb is no less precious than that of a human being.

I should be unwilling to take the life of a lamb for the sake of the human body.  

-Mohandas Gandhi


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