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100 Tips To Attract Birds



  The more bird baths you put up there, the more birds they will attract.

   Birdbaths are used by birds both for drinking and taking a bath. Therefore, replace water daily.

   Clean the bird baths regularly. Scrub their surfaces frequently. If necessary, use a weak detergent solution for the purpose occasionally.

   Flowing water with a gentle sound is a great attraction to the birds.

   Sounds of water can be created by a fountain, a dripper or a leaking pipe.

   Here is a simple way of creating sound of dripping water. Take a plastic jug with lid. Punch a very small hole in the bottom of the jug. Fill it with water and put on the lid just lose enough to allow water to leak drop by drop. Now hang the jug above the bird bath. Many birds will hear the sound of water and be attracted to your bird bath.



Location of bird baths

   Place a birdbath where there is vegetative cover nearby so that birds may perch and wait for their turn to drink water. The cover will also protect them from predators.

   However do not put the bird baths too near to a bush or a shrub, which may be used by cats and other predators as a hiding place.

   Do not place a bird bath under feeders or perches, where droppings can fall into it.

   Make a brush pile near your feeder so that the shy birds feel comfortable.

   Add natural features like plants, branches etc near the feeder to allow the birds to feel at home.

Dust baths

   Birds are also fond of taking a dust bath. It helps them to get rid of parasites. Create an area with fine dry dust in your back yard. Many birds will be drawn to it.

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Enjoy the Company of Birds

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You put a baby in a crib with an apple and a rabbit. If it eats the rabbit and plays with the apple, I'll buy you a new car.                                                                

-Harvey Diamond        


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