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100 Tips To Attract Birds



Nesting sites

Grow different types of trees, shrubs and grasses. They will provide nesting sites to the birds.

Bird houses

   You can install birdhouses for the cavity nesting birds.

   Many species of birds will not nest in man-made birdhouses. In case you have a particular specie of birds in mind, check it up whether it uses bird houses.  

   The birds will sometimes huddle together in bird houses to escape cold weather. Leave the bird houses in place even when the nesting season is over.

   You can also install roosting boxes with wooden dowels inside to be used as perches by the sleeping birds.  

Nesting material

   Even if some birds do not use bird houses, you can still help them by making available materials for building nests.  

   Dry grasses, thin twigs, hair, feathers, pieces of cotton, strips of cloth and even mud - all are excellent materials for nests.

   Put the nesting material in a string bag so that it does not blow away. Keep it on the ground or hang it at a place where birds can easily see it.



Building bird houses

   Untreated wood is the best material for bird houses. It should be at least one inch thick to protect the birds from extremes of temperature.

   Never paint the insides of bird houses. Exteriors of bird houses may be painted, if at all, in light colors to reflect heat.

   Do not add a perch to the bird houses. Cavity nesting birds do not need them. Perches may only help the predators.

   Put a baffle above the entry hole of the bird house. It is a protection from the predators.

   Score or roughen the inside of the front panel of a birdhouse. It will help the baby birds to emerge from the birdhouse.

   Make ventilation holes near the top of the birdhouse. They help reduce heat inside the bird house and provide air to the nestling.

   Ventilation holes should be protected from rain by the box roof overhang.

   Drill holes in the bottom of the birdhouse to allow rainwater to drain out.

   It should be possible to open the bird box from the top, front or side to facilitate cleaning.  


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Enjoy the Company of Birds

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You have just dined, and however scrupulously the slaughter house is concealed in the graceful distance of miles, there is complicity.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson


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