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100 Tips To Attract Birds



Woodpeckers prefer birdhouses with a roughened interior and a thick layer of wood chips or sawdust which they like to excavate.  

   Ensure the proper interior dimensions and size of the entry hole of the birdhouse as per the needs of the bird for whom you are putting up the bird house.  


Placement of bird houses

   Place the bird boxes in a way so that they are protected from wind currents.

   If you live in the northern hemisphere and temperature of your area is high in the summer season, the birdhouses should not face south.

   Except in the case of species that nest in groups, like martins, do not place birdhouses in close proximity to one another. Most birds are territorial.

   Keep the birdhouses a little distance away from feeders and bird baths.







  Martins are popular for eating large numbers of mosquitoes. To have a better chance of attracting martins, put up birdhouses for them near the edge of a pond, preferably surrounded by a filed.


Avoid chemicals

   Do not use herbicides or pesticides near bird feeders, birdbaths and birdhouses.

   Use chemicals in your yard to the minimum, if you must. Chemicals kill insects, which are food for many types of birds. A contaminated insect can also make a bird sick or kill it.

   Keep new trees, shrubs and flower plants adequately watered and keep the planting area weed-free by using mulch. This will minimize the need for herbicides for weed control.  


Protect birds from Window strikes

   A very large number of birds get hurt or killed by window strikes. Adjust the distance and angle of a feeder from the window to minimize strikes. If the problem persists, consider putting a screen, crop netting or strips of paper on window panes to break reflection.             


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Enjoy the Company of Birds

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What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.

 - Richard Bach


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