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About This Site 

Why we created it

 Gulli - the inspiration behind this site

This website has been created and is being maintained by a family of animal lovers. 

In November, 1999 we adopted a beautiful American Eskimo Dog puppy and named him Gulli (DOB: October 28, 1999).  It was then that we started to take a keen interest in all dogs and other creatures.  Soon we realized how  animals are being subjected to pain and suffering,  how birds are being driven to extinction by thirst and hunger and how wildlife is being obliterated by heartless urbanization. We came to know that some people are unnecessarily cruel to the animals and some others are not even  treating their own pets fairly.

           On the other hand, we came across people who had a soft corner for animals in distress, but did not know how to help them.  They did not know how to contact veterinary hospitals,  they did not know about the existence of animal ambulance and they were unaware of the humane societies working for animal welfare. 

We realized that suffering of animals can be mitigated to a considerable extent by (1) spreading awareness about the need to be kind to the animals, and (1) creating reliable data to help the kind-hearted people to help the animals.  It was with this dual objective in mind that we created this site on 1st February, 2004. 

If you are a kind-heated person,  join us in our endeavor.  There are many things that you can do and others that you may refrain from doing to lessen the suffering in the animal world.  You can also help by spreading word about this site.  You can support the cause of animals and inspire others to do so.  This way you will contribute towards building a more beautiful world.


A horse is like a best friend. They`re always there to nuzzle you and make your life a better place.

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