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Enjoy the company of birds - 2



H.S. Dhiman

         Bird-feeding is one of the most popular hobbies in many parts of the world.   It is so, because watching birds at feeders is a fascinating pastime.  You can have the company of many types of beautiful birds by providing food to them.

         Grow an assortment of trees and plants of different species so that fruits, seeds, berries and other kinds of food are available to the birds throughout the year.

         If you already have a number of plants in your yard, supplement them with more native trees, shrubs and vines attractive to the various  species of birds.  Try to reduce the area of your lawn. Expanses of turf grass, devoid of weeds, seeds and other sources of food are of no use to most of the birds. Allow a part of your garden to go wild. This way you can provide a wealth of food for many seed-eating birds. 

          Do not use insecticides in your back yard ate on organic gardening.  It is good for you too.  Chemicals kill insects, which are liked by birds.  Many insects are also beneficial for your plants.    

         In case your yard is too small for a large number of trees and shrubs, try to grow at least one tree preferably a deciduous, that is a tree that sheds leaves in the winter. 

         However if you are living in an apartment and there is no piece of land available, you can still provide food to the birds by putting up feeders in the balcony or on the roof.   Many different types of feeders are available for  different kinds of birds.  You can also build bird feeders on your own.

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There are few things in life more heartwarming than to be welcomed by a cat.

- Tay Hohoff


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