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Make your pet a celebrity.  Show its photographs to the world through this site.  FREE.


How to send  photographs


Scan the photographs (if you do not have a scanner, get it done from the market) and save them in your computer, copy the form given at the bottom of this page, fill it up, and e-mail it to us HERE or to mypet@weforanimals.com  with the photographs of your pet as Attachments.  That is all. 


You can send as many photographs as you like.  We may publish up to ten of them.


The photographs of your pet may be taken with or without humans.


We do not publish photographs of caged pets.  However, an exception may be made in the case of pet birds if they are kept in extra large cages.


To see samples of photographs of pets, go to  Pet Pictures.


Now go ahead.  Send the photographs of your pet to us today.  We are waiting for them.



Form for sending photographs of pets

* Name of the pet :                             

 Breed :                                            

* Gender :                                           

Date of birth/Age of the pet :           

*Location of the pet (London, New Delhi etc.) :        

What the pet likes to eat :                 

Hobbies of the pet :                            

What you want to say about your pet : 

Name of the owner :                          

Address :                                            

* E-mail address :                                 

* Marked entries are essential.




A horse is like a violin, first it must be tuned, and when tuned it must be accurately played.

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