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Sh. Krishan Gaushala Rajpura Town Rajpura District Patiala, Punjab
Phone: 01762-226848 K.L. Singla O.P. Chopta 01762-222479 242019


Sh. Kamomila Tirth Gaushala Samiti Derabasi District Patiala, Punjab
Phone: 607047, 708797, 560420



Sh. Krishan Gaushala Mandi Gobindgarh District Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab
Phone: 01765-225726 Jagdish Rai 98550-46345


Sh. Kishan Gaushala Srhind District Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab
Phone: Ram Murti 01763-224689, 220689 (R )


Sh. Gaushala Committee Bassi Pathana District Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab
Phone: 94175-47848, 98725-51400, 93166-11591


Sh. Gobind Gaudham, Hambra Road District Ludhiana, Punjab
Phone: 0161-2808090 Sunder Dass Dhamija 94175-00000


Sh. Gaushala Committee Jamalpur Colony District Ludhiana, Punjab
Phone: Mohinder Jain 98721-55527 98721-44427


Sh. Gowardhan Gaushala Khanna District Ludhiana, Punjab
Phone: 01628-209097 Pushap Vittal 98140-40697


Sh. Sanatan Dharam Gaushala Jagraon District Ludhiana, Punjab
01624-222785 Madan Lal Baldev,
Phone: 01624-223471, 92178-52070, 98143-59208

Sh. Sanatan Dharam Gaushala Adda Raikot District Ludhiana, Punjab
Phone: Jagraon Vinod Singla 01624-222625 98140-25425


Shagwan Sh. Krishan Gaushala Committee Raikot District Ludhiana, Punjab
Phone: 01624-264229, 265729 Parveen Aggarwal 98551-06729


Sh. Mahadev Mandir Gaushala Dau Majra Village Payal Dist Ludhiana, Punjab
Phone: Varinder Khara 98156-10101


Sh. Gaushala Village Badundi District Ludhiana, Punjab


Maa Parmatma Gaushala V. Chana n Pur Malerkotla Road Village Kaind
District Ludhiana, Punjab
Phone: Ram Raj Sharma 0161-2854204, 2841790


Sh. Udha Seen Gobind Dham Committee Teh. Raikot Village Bhaini Badinga
Sukhana District Ludhiana, Punjab


Sarab Dharam Gaushala committee (Regd.) Doraha District Ludhiana, Punjab
Anil Prbhat Mehta Joginder Sharma Harinder Kumar
Phone: 98159-51768, 9855107579, 98148-56939


People Form Animals 2696/1-A, Sunder Nagar District Ludhiana, Punjab
Phone:  Dr. Sandeep Jain 0161-2609948 (R )


Shir Gau Rakshmi Sabha (Regd.) Divn. No. 3, Gaushala Road District Ludhiana, Punjab


Shri Namdhari Gaushala Village Bhani Sahab District Ludhiana, Punjab


Shiv Mandir Gaushala Panchwati District Faridkot, Punjab
01639-252594 Gurcharn Suri 01639-262363(R)


Sh. Gaushala Committee Mukatsar Road District Faridkot, Punjab


Sh. Gaushala Committee Kotkapura District Faridkot, Punjab
Phone:01635-222081 Ravi Bansal 98140-35262 01635-230519 98728-28519


Panchwati Gaushala Jaiton District Faridkot, Punjab
Phone: 230388 Des Raj Goyal 230465 231265 (R )


Sh. Gopal Gaushala Gau Sewa Samiti District Ropar, Punjab
Phone: 01881-226755 Prem Nath Kapoor C.L. Kapoor 01881-220468
220372 (R ) 222344 (R )

Sh. Gobind Gaudham Sewa Samiti Nangal District Ropar, Punjab
Rakesh sharma 98151-99831 92161-99066


Swami Shiv Swaroop Gaushala Society Kurali District Ropar, Punjab
Phone: Shyam Lal Aggarwal Rakesh Aggarwal 2640049, 2640863
98149-15049 ,98146-43731


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The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.

- Andrew A. Rooney

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